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Combo Kit  Art. N° ATP-DA-14


The Combo Kit includes the Dust-Wand Kit for wet cleaning and the Dust-Aid Platinum for dry cleaning. It's a complete solution for welded and static held dust and fibers on any sensor filter.

Dust-Wand kit :

​The Dust-Wand Kit includes 3 Dust Wands for cleaning any sensor aspect ratio, 3 cloth clips, Ultra Clean liquid and 50 Dust-Cloths. It is designed to dislodge and/or remove welded on dust and light oils. It is a wet method for cleaning sensor filters.

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Platinum :

The Dust-Aid Platinum is designed to remove static held dust from the surface of the sensor filter. It uses platinum cured silicone to adhere to dust and fibers. It is a dry cleaning method for cleaning sensor filters.

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27/09/2012 PRG Trucolor LED Studiolights

PRG's Trucolor®HS unit wins the Cinecaward at the Munich Cinec exhibition. 

This year, the HS unit won already the

Mario, Pïck Hits and Black Diamonds award

at the NAB2012 exhibition.


30/09/2011 Dust-Aid Combo-kit

Dust-aid introduces the Combo-kit, a total sensor cleaning solution kit.




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