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Dust-Shield  Art. N° ATP-DA-10


Prevent DSLR camera mirror chamber dust with the new


Stop dust and debris in its tracks with the new patent pending Dust-Shield™. This optic quality disposable filter for DSLR camera chambers helps to deflect dust from entering the chamber when changing lenses. This optic filter has the highest light transmittance possible which allows for unobstructed auto focusing and image capturing.

• Deflects dust before it gets to the sensor
• Disposable optical filter
• Uses the highest light transmittance optical film
• Held in place with removable/non-residue 

• Does not degrade image quality
• Removable to access sensor filter
• Protects camera chamber while changing

• Does not interfere with lens and camera 

• Patent Pending

Application :


Simply place Dust-Shield™ within your DSLR camera body and your chamber area is protected from external dust. Now you can change lenses without the concern of dust entering your sensor chamber. To remove the shield simply apply an adhesive tab on it's center and gently pull up.

The Dust-Shield is a truly unique product that helps to prevent dust from entering the DSLR camera mirror chamber and does not affect image quality.


Instructions video :

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