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Dust Wand MF Kit  Art. N° ATP-DA-03MF


The DUST-WAND™ MF KIT brings versatility and speed to DSLR sensor filter wet cleaning.

This wet do-it-yourself wrapping kit is a very cost

effective way to clean welded-on dust from your entire collection of DSLR camera bodies. The versatility comes from the three included DUST-WAND's needed to clean any sensor aspect ratio, 1.6 (14mm), 1.3 (16mm) and 1.0 (18mm).

What's Included:

(1x) DUST-WAND 1.6 (14mm)
(1x) DUST-WAND 1.3 (16mm)
(1x) DUST-WAND 1.0 (18mm)
(1x) ULTRA CLEAN Liquid
(3x) Cloth Clips
(50x) 7,5x7,5 cm MF DUST-CLOTHs in a zip bag

Ultra-Clean :

​When it comes to cleaning liquid evaporation speed, then there is none faster than ULTRA CLEAN™. This non-flammable and non-alcohol based liquid is one of the fastest dissolving liquids on the planet, which makes it virtually impossible for it to seep under the sensor filter frame.

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Clips :

Also included are small cloth clips that are used to hold the cleaning wipe in place. No more having to carry around a roll of tape to hold the wrap, now you can just throw on a clip and the cloth will stay in place


MicroFiber Dust-Cloth :

With the kit comes MicroFiber DUST-CLOTHs™, our woven wipes. There are 50 cloths per kit which come in a zip lock bag to keep them clean.

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Instruction video :

Newsfeed-icon-3.png News

27/09/2012 PRG Trucolor LED Studiolights

PRG's Trucolor®HS unit wins the Cinecaward at the Munich Cinec exhibition. 

This year, the HS unit won already the

Mario, Pïck Hits and Black Diamonds award

at the NAB2012 exhibition.


30/09/2011 Dust-Aid Combo-kit

Dust-aid introduces the Combo-kit, a total sensor cleaning solution kit.




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